Casey Tech School (CTS) is a shared learning facility that will deliver hi-tech, leading edge courses to students from schools in the Casey region.

CTS is a partnership between the State Government, Chisholm Institute, industry and schools.

Casey Tech School imageDeveloping skills in:

  • Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM)
  • Creativity, problem solving, team work, critical thinking, digital literacy, communications, presentation skills, confidence, resilience (enterprise)
  • Robotic operations, scientific method, biomedical technologies, manufacturing technologies, statistical and computational analysis (technical)
  • Career management, self awareness, lifelong learning, decision making (careers).

What will students do at Casey Tech School?

  • Apply STEAM and enterprise skills to solve real world problems
  • Learn and work collaboratively in small groups with students from other schools
  • Engage with and learn from mentors and industry experts in:
       - Biomedical technology
           - Healthcare and medical technology
           - High tech manufacturing, production and processing technologies
  • Develop deeper understanding of the world of work
  • Understand the importance of STEAM and enterprise skills in the future of work.

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