Chisholm Institute’s vision for the redevelopment at Frankston is a reimagining of the campus that instigates a change in the learning culture to provide contemporary, collaborative, flexible, and responsive informal and formal learning spaces that engage students and educators, promotes employability and community connection, and fosters heightened learning outcomes for all.

Map showing campus locations in relation to Melbourne. Springvale, Dandenong, Frankston, Cranbourne, Berwick, Mornington Peninsula and Bass Coast all south east of Melbourne

A key design strategy of the proposed Master Plan is the provision of learning spaces in consolidated Program Hubs—connected to provide a flexibility that responds to the natural evolution of training methods and program demand. Flexible training spaces, supported by specialist bays and labs are proposed across the whole redevelopment in tandem with general purpose teaching areas that can be shared across different programs.

The Master Plan proposes compressing the campus into a smaller site footprint to create more efficient, connected facilities. This will be achieved by two key design strategies: an increase in density with the creation of three new multi-storey buildings and increased space efficiency and occupancy utilisation rates.

The central location of Stage 1 makes it the ideal position for the co-location of the Library and Student Services receptions, creating a new main entry 'front door' for the campus. The Library and Student Hub is typically the academic and social heart of a campus. To further strengthen and outwardly communicate this key campus role, an extensive learning commons with cafe, breakout and presentation spaces is proposed on the ground floor of the new building, making it openly accessible, transparent, and inviting.

Download a copy of the Master Plan.