international students

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Our range of support services will enhance your study experience and help you to complete your training successfully. For more information, visit

Orientation program  

Orientation is an informative, friendly and fun way to prepare for your study at Chisholm.

You must attend our orientation for new students. We make it compulsory because we want to be sure that you are comfortable and confident from your first day in class.

At orientation you’ll receive important information about your campus, Chisholm and Melbourne, and enjoy meeting new friends and your teachers. When you accept your offer, we’ll send you a letter that gives you the date, time and location of orientation. We look forward to meeting you there. 

Student support and engagement  

Counselling services  

Our experienced and professionally qualified counsellors will give you free support, advice or referrals to specialist providers.  

Client services  

Our client services team will help you with course information, application and enrolment procedures, student ID cards and more.

Equitable learning and disability support

We provide support for students with diagnosed disabilities and medical or mental health conditions. If you need this type of help, contact a support advisor as early as possible before your course starts.

Career services 

Our experienced career and employment counsellors can help you with: 

  • job hunting 
  • interview skills 
  • placement preparation 
  • career planning, career management, pathways, industry knowledge, VTAC, action plans and career profile assessments 
  • job application assistance including resumes, selection criteria and cover letters > Free weekly workshops on how to become job-ready.  

Library and information centre  

Our friendly staff can help you find information and connect you with resources and services to support your study. For opening times, visit  

Learning skills 

 If you want to improve your study skills, our learning skills staff can assist you with writing reports and essays, referencing and bibliographies, exams and test preparation, and presentation skills. Connect with learning skills support in your campus library.  

Student life  

We believe that student life should be about more than study. So we provide a range of experiences including campus events, competitions, giveaways, incentives and discounts. You’ll have access to student run salons, restaurants and massage clinics – all at discounted prices.  

You also have the opportunity to join social clubs and tours that will help you integrate into the Chisholm community and enjoy your time with us.  

Financial guidance 

We provide access to individual financial guidance, including:  

  • information on support if you’re experiencing financial hardship 
  • help with scholarship application and referrals to external support services 
  • budgeting and financial literacy information.  

Free online study support 

Studiosity provides online personal study support with assignment and study questions, and a 24/7 essay review service.  

For more information on all our support services visit: