At Chisholm, we offer training solutions across a broad range of industry areas. To learn more contact an Industry Specialist.

We partner with you to understand how bespoke training will fit your needs. We provide relevant and practical training solutions to maximise your training return on investment.


Our industry areas

These are the diverse industry areas that we operate in.

industry areas


Types of training available

Training options are varied depending on your needs and can be offered as either accredited or non-accredited training, or a specific skill set or industry short course (often referred to as microcredentials).

  • Accredited training will lead to a vocational qualification or a formal qualification/award that’s nationally recognised. This includes entire courses like a full certificate course or selected course modules.
  • Non-accredited training refers to an industry short course, specific skill set or microcredential. Training can be for specific technical skills sets or soft skills training and highly customised to client needs.

We have numerous industry short courses available to upskill or reskill your staff. We can provide courses on an individual basis or as a skill set, plus you can stack courses as a pathway to a full certification. Short courses are available across business and finance, IT, health, community and social services, education, trades and more.

Our approach

Our approach is to:

  • work backwards to first understand your needs and key performance indicators 
  • map out success together, ensuring our training solution will be relevant to your learning and development goals
  • regularly communicate with you to track progress during training and make necessary adjustments
  • review (after the training) what worked well and what can be improved. 
Chisholm partnership model

Chisholm partnership model

  1. Discover unmet needs
  2. Define shared opportunities
  3. Design the outcome together
  4. Deliver on expectations
  5. Re-connect and reflect.

Project delivery capabilities

Chisholm is the lead TAFE on a number of key government programs:

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