At Chisholm, our team works with you to tailor training for your business, organisation or College, no matter where you are located. To learn more contact an Industry Specialist.

Over the years, we’ve undertaken significant offshore projects globally, including commercial and aid development funded activities.  

Wherever we operate, our drive for commercial success is underpinned by our core values of collaboration, accountability, integrity and respect.

Our reach is global

Chisholm's expertise as a large successful vocational training provider is recognised by governments, educational institutes and businesses worldwide. Our tailored collaborative training models and consultancies have been successfully undertaken in Asia, Africa, Pacific Islands and the Middle East. 

These collaborations have built the capabilities of leaders and future leaders, developed trainee skills and knowledge across selected technical areas, and contributed to reform initiatives in these regions. 

As an award-winning government-owned training institute, we: 

  • support economic prosperity through delivering quality vocational training 
  • develop and maintain highly valued business partnerships 
  • deliver quality training outcomes across wide range of industry sectors. 

Snapshot of global partnerships and projects

Chisholm has been working with colleges across China co-delivering Diploma programs since 2004 to thousands of students annually. Our educational partnerships with over 10 vocational colleges in China support delivery of Australian qualifications in General English; Applied Electrical Engineering; Accounting and Allied Health.

Our educational partnership with CINEC Sri Lanka delivers Australian qualifications (in country) across key sectors including health, engineering, IT and automotive.