You can view your timetable through our timetabling program, CELCAT. Here you can find details of the dates, times and rooms of your classes.

View the Timetables site


As a student the easiest way to search for your timetable is to use your group name for the course you are studying.

select from drop down menu

Group names

  1. Select 'Group Name' from the first drop-down list.
  2. In the search bar type one word only regarding course, such as Information, Youth or Accounting.  Do not type in the qualification level. You will see a list of groups running for your course.  The first two letters relate to the campus: BE-Berwick; DA-Dandenong; FR-Frankston; BC-Bass Coast; LS-Lonsdale Street; MP-Mornington Peninsula; PA-Pakenham; and CR-Cranbourne
  3. Choose your group.  Your teacher will inform you of your group number or name.

Your timetable will be displayed with start to finish time, room number, unit, and staff name.

You can scroll ahead of back and view by day, week or month.

timetabling example


Use the icons to load the timetable in different formats.  The arrow icons will load information according to the "view" you have chosen.

left arrow
Load previous day, week or month
right arrow
Load next day, week or month

calendar day view
View one day
calendar week view
View one week

view one month
View one month calendar with first column highlighted View week commencing by date

export calendar
Export calendar to png file

View the Timetables site