As part of signing a training contract with your apprentice or trainee, you must meet industrial relations requirements and obligations.

Registering your apprentice or trainee

You need to contact an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider in your area to complete your apprentice or trainee sign-up. They must sign-up to a formal training contract within 14 days of employment. After signing, your apprentice or trainee can enrol in formal training, and you can start paying wages.

Apprentices and trainees may have a probation period built into their training contract. This allows you or the apprentice or trainee to cancel the training contract. Note, cancelling a training contract is different from cancelling an employment contract.

For information regarding the termination of employment, contact Fair Work Ombudsman.

Providing support and supervision for your apprentice or trainee throughout their apprenticeship or traineeship is vital. Find out more information on supervising your apprentice or trainee.

Maintain employment standards

All apprentices and trainees are covered by workplace laws relating to employment standards, safety, and bullying. WorkSafe Victoria has resources you can use to make sure you are maintaining a safe working environment for all employees in your business.

For more information about Australian workplace laws, visit Fair Work Ombudsman.

In addition, make sure your business complies with the National Employment Standards (NES) that outlines minimum employment entitlements for all employees.