Partnering with Group Training Organisations

Chisholm have strong partnerships with Group Training Organisations (GTOs) across Victoria. We have been working with Group Training Organisations for over 15 years.

We understand the flexibility benefits for apprentices and trainees and their employers of being hired through a GTO.

In understanding the environment, Chisholm is able to support GTOs as a preferred education training partner across the South East.

Why choose Chisholm?

  • Understanding the needs of group training organisations
  • Flexibility across education areas to give you the best results for your apprentice or trainee.
  • One of the leading apprenticeship educators across the South East of Victoria
“Chisholm has and is always looking to support and help our apprentices. Their flexible and committed approach to us the GTO and their excellent education to the apprentices is why we have been in partnership with each other over many years” – David Le Plastrier, Area Manager, ACA

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