A procurement complaint is an issue or concern expressed by a supplier in relation to the process and probity applied by Chisholm when carrying out a procurement activity.  

Chisholm is committed to transparent, accountable practices and ensuring its procurement processes work effectively and fairly for all parties. Chisholm has developed a procurement complaint management process to ensure that any potential suppliers who may have concerns relating to a procurement process can have those concerns addressed through an independent review process (See the section below).  

Chisholm’s procurement complaint process is aligned with the Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) Governance – Goods and services policy

If you would like to express a concern about a procurement process or probity matter, it is best to raise it first with the team or staff you are dealing with. Most issues are the result of misunderstanding or a process error and can be rectified quickly and easily. 

If after providing your feedback you wish to pursue the matter further by lodging a formal complaint, please submit the procurement complaint using the form below. You will be required to provide details of the basis for your complaint which should be in the following format: 

  • the procurement that the complaint relates to 
  • the basis for the complaint specifying the issues involved 
  • how the subject of the complaint and the specific issue affects you or your organisation 
  • any relevant background information 
  • the outcome desired by you or your organisation 
  • your name and/or organisation's contact details. 

Complaints form

If you wish to discuss the basis of your complaint before lodging it, you can also contact Procurement Advisory Officer below: 

Procurement Advisory Officer 
121 Stud Road 
Dandenong, VIC 3175 
(03) 9212 5202  

Email: Suppliercomplaints@chisholm.edu.au.

After Chisholm receives your complaint an acknowledge receipt will be sent and an internal independent investigation will be undertaken in accordance with the Victorian Government Procurement Board’s rules and recommended timelines for managing complaints.  

If you are dissatisfied with Chisholm's response to your complaint, and it relates to a goods and services procurement, you may refer the matter to VGPB for review.  Complaints submitted to the VGPB must be lodged by letter, email or fax within 10 working days of the receipt of the findings by Chisholm.  

The complainant must provide the following material: 

  • Evidence that Chisholm did not correctly apply supply policies in relation to a procurement activity. 
  • Evidence that Chisholm’s complaints management procedures were not applied correctly; and 
  • A copy of all relevant correspondence between the complainant and Chisholm in relation to the nature of the complaint. 

VGPB contact below: 

The Chair  
Victorian Government Purchasing Board  
Department of Treasury and Finance  
GPO Box 4379  

Service providers should also be aware that there are other government bodies who may be able to assist you with your enquiry. Please see the links below for more information: 

Office of the Ombudsman 

Office of the Small Business Commissioner.