Current projects

Conceptual drawing of Building C façade showing external landscaping and courtyardFrankston Campus Redevelopment Project

The Frankston Campus Masterplan Development will deliver new state-of-the-art education and teaching facilities, responding to growing local industry needs. It's a revitalisation of the campus that will instigate changes in the learning culture and provide contemporary, collaborative, flexible, and responsive learning spaces to engage students and employees.


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Completed projects

Plumbing examination centrePlumbing Examination Centre – Dandenong Campus (Building E)

Completion date: April 2023.

The construction of the new Plumbing Examination Centre locates the facility within the Trade Centre precinct and offers new, state of the art facilities for plumbing students.


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Frankston Building AArt & Design - Frankston Campus (Building T)

Completion date: March 2022.

Included in the Frankston Redevelopment Project is the relocation of the Art & Design Print Shop, Pottery, Screenprinting and Sculpture Workshops. Aligned to the Institute Masterplan these specialist areas are now located within the Frankston Trade Precinct.


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Dandenong Student HubStudent Support Hub - Dandenong Campus (Building F)

Completion date: May 2021.

Building F has been refurbished to create the new Dandenong Student Support Hub. The improved facilities provide a dedicated student support space including a student lounge alongside holistic, wrap-around support; enabling students to remain engaged in study, reducing attrition rates and strengthening career readiness and employability.

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Dandenong trade CentreTrades Centre Upgrade - Dandenong Campus

Completion date: November 2021.

Five buildings, erected in the 1980s, have been revitalised to create a $6.235 million Trade Centre that provides contemporary plumbing, carpentry and electrical training areas which simulate scenarios that Chisholm trade students face in the workforce. The redesign and refurbishment aligns the training at Dandenong campus with the recently developed Frankston Trades Building. 

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Dandenong Building ABuilding A Refurbishment - Dandenong Campus

Completion date: January 2021.

The refurbishment of Building A at Dandenong has created improved and enhanced staff and student spaces. Building A provides flexible and inviting formal and informal education spaces, including seven new classrooms, a student kitchen and lounge, greater access to the library, and a newly built ITS Service Desk. Chisholm professional staff are now co-located on Level 3.


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Dandenong Building BBuilding B Refurbishment - Dandenong Campus

Completion date: January 2021.

Building B is now a dedicated Business and IT Building; allowing all course delivery at Dandenong to be consolidated from three different buildings to one building.


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Frankston Outdoor AreaOutdoor Learning Area - Frankston Campus

Completion date: October-December 2021

The Frankston Outdoor Learning Area provides a new outdoor construction area adjacent to the Frankston Trades Building B.


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Berwick building ABuilding A Refurbishment - Berwick Campus

Completion date: March 2021.

Refurbishment works at Berwick Building A have delivered a wrap-around student support and services model for our students, supported by the Student Experience Plan. The refurbishment works include updated and improved spaces for Reception, Client Services, Course Advisors and Student Services, waiting areas for students, and upgrades to the auditorium space providing flexible spaces for student events and overflow during peak times. 

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