State Purchasing Contracts and supplier registers

As a Victorian Public Sector Agency Chisholm is mandated to purchase goods and services via State Purchasing Contracts (SPCs) and supplier registers or directories established by VGPB.  

These whole-of-Victorian Government contracts, panels, registers, or directories have been designed to streamline procurement activities enabling Chisholm to make the most of economies of scale when buying from the marketplace and reduce many risks by accessing pre-negotiated contract terms and conditions.  

For more information about State Purchasing Contracts and Registers go to the Buying for Victoria website.  

If you are a supplier of goods and services covered by an “open” Supplier Register such as  

  • Ethical Supplier  
  • eServices 
  • IT Infrastructure Services 
  • Marketing Services Register (MSR) 
  • Professional Advisory Services (PAS) 
  • The Construction Supplier Register.

Chisholm encourages you to make inquiries to join these registers. Our preference is to engage with suppliers that on these Supplier Registers. It makes doing business easier for you and us. When goods and services are not supplied via a SPC or register, Chisholm will engage with the open market following its own procurement policies and processes. 

To find out more about how to join a panel or register go to the Buying for Vic website and Register as a Supplier.  

Tender opportunities and our procurement activity plan 

Chisholm publicly advertises its major and significant procurement opportunities via the Tenderlink or the Victorian Government Tenders System. Suppliers are encouraged to register as users and use these systems to respond to request to quote or tender. Registrations are free. Visit Tenderlink's website to register.

For help, call TenderLink customer support on 1800 233 533 or Our procurement activity plan is available now.

Procurement activity plan for the current year ahead

Our contract activities

Chisholm’s contracts are disclosed on Buying for Victoria – Tenders.

Our contracts with a total estimated value equal to or exceeding $100,000 (including GST) excluding contracts under head agreements

Our contract information with an estimated value exceeding $10 million (including GST).