The below initiatives have been designed to help support more Victorians to train, retrain and find new opportunities, including: 

Free TAFE - The Victorian Government has invested in making priority TAFE courses and pre-apprenticeship courses in priority workforce areas tuition free. Free TAFE courses reduce financial barriers for students. Students can train in courses that lead to jobs in demand from Victorian employers. 

Free TAFE Pathway Courses - You may be eligible to complete more than one Free TAFE course, if you are enrolling in a course that’s included in the Free TAFE Pathways initiative.

Free TAFE Short CoursesFree TAFE short courses are free at TAFE. They do not form part of the Free TAFE course list.  Taking a Free TAFE short course will not impact your entitlement to a Free TAFE full qualification.

Construction Industry Skill Sets (CISS) - Free short accredited training courses to help people re-skill and find work in the construction industry.