Learn best in a supportive and welcoming environment.

Chisholm’s Foundation College offers a range of programs to cater for students looking to improve their language, literacy and numeracy skills. Foundation courses will give you the skills and confidence to achieve your further study or employment goals.

As a student you will learn in small class sizes to ensure you receive personalised support and individualised attention from our teaching and support staff.

General Education programs

general education program

Chisholm offers General Education programs to students wanting to improve their literacy and numeracy skills.

We offer Certificates I, II & III in literacy and numeracy certificates. Our courses are self-directed, individualised certificate learning programs that range from an alternative to Year 9 through to preparation for VCE (Vocational Major).

Our courses cater to student students seeking an alternative to the traditional secondary school setting as well as mature aged students looking to upskill for work or further study.

Classes are flexible, casual, and supportive with teachers providing individualised support. On completion of their studies our student's pathway into apprenticeships, further study at Chisholm or employment.

Learn more about our courses available here in General Education for Adults.
For any enquiries about our General Education programs call 9238 8577.


Work Education programs

work education program

Work Education programs are specifically designed for students with intellectual disabilities who are struggling in mainstream or specialist schools.

We offer a three-year course delivering students life skills, independence, problems solving skills to prepare them for future studies and life beyond school.

Over the three years, students are involved in travel training, community access, practical placement and vocational taster opportunities.

Learn more about our courses available here in Work Education.

For any enquiries about our Work Education call 9238 8577.


English language through AMEP

AMEP 75th anniversary logo

To help you learn English, you may be able to attend the free Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP).

English is Australia’s national language. People in Australia speak many languages but to participate fully in Australian life you need to learn to speak and understand English. With English, you can access important services and become independent.

You will need to know how to speak English if you wish to become an Australian citizen. To help you learn English, you may be able to attend the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP).

Learn more about the courses available here The Adult Migrant English Program, or call 1300 517 459 or email amep@chisholm.edu.au.


Reconnect program

reconnect program

The Victorian Government’s Reconnect program at Chisholm is designed to support the significant number of Victorians experiencing multiple barriers to engaging in education and training.

The Reconnect program delivers on the Victorian Government’s commitment to understanding and addressing the needs of disengaged and disadvantaged learners with a background of low levels of educational achievement.

The Reconnect team at Chisholm work one on one with participants in developing positive pathways, through education and training, leading towards successful outcomes.

Learn more about the program and how to apply here in Reconnect.