Winning business with us 

Chisholm buys from suppliers on pre-qualified registers and supplier panels, but we also buy from businesses we have never worked with before. 

To get known, you need to: 

  • understand what organisations are in the market for what you offer 
  • make sure government buyers know your capabilities and are confident in your performance 
  • join a panel or register 

To find out if Chisholm would be a suitable buyer for the goods, services or construction works that you provide there are a few things you can do. 

  • Look at our tender opportunities 
  • Look for future procurement activity plans 
  • When submitting bids make sure they are competitive and highlight all the benefits and services
  • Highlight all other social benefits that your organisation supports.

Our general purchase terms and conditions  

All purchases of goods and services are subject to Chisholm’s standard purchase order terms and conditions, unless Chisholm has signed a separate written contract with a Supplier, or the purchase is covered by a State Purchasing Contract.

Read Chisholm’s standard purchase terms and conditions - QMS628_100

Our payment processes 

All suppliers engaged by Chisholm must submit a tax invoice to the Accounts Payable department following the supply of goods and services, for the agreed purchase price, or at such other time or times as agreed by the parties. 

A tax invoice submitted for payment must contain the information necessary to be a tax invoice for the purposes of the GST Act.  Other information that is reasonably required may be requested for the processing requirements of tax invoices. 

Tax invoices must be sent to the Accounts Payable department of Chisholm at or via mail to: 

Chisholm Institute OR Chisholm Online 
C/O Financial Services 
Po Box 684 
Dandenong VIC 3175   

Chisholm will pay invoices in line with the Victorian government fair payment policy, where an accurate and in full tax invoice is received.  If Chisholm disputes an invoice amount, payment will occur in days 10 days following the dispute being settled with the supplier or an amended tax invoice is received.