Subject to Chisholm's course withdrawal and refunds policy, the apprentice or trainee may be liable for all their fees and charges even if they withdraw.


An apprentice or trainee who has not demonstrated participation and/or attendance in their study is contacted to discuss their options including deferring or withdrawing from their studies. Depending on their course level, the apprentice or trainee can complete the appropriate withdrawal/refund application.

Failure to submit the withdrawal application means that the apprentice or trainee’s enrolment remains active and further fees are incurred.

After the withdrawal, Chisholm will assist the apprentice or trainee to recommence their studies. However, if no response is received within times specified, action will be taken to withdraw the apprentice or trainee from their enrolment.


A refund of tuition and student services fees will only be paid:

  • if a withdrawal or refund application is lodged within 28 days of the apprentice or trainee’s first commencement in the course for the year
  • or if the apprentice or trainee never commenced, within 28 days of their expected commencement date

Visit Withdrawal or Refund Applications and Forms for more information.

Download a copy of the fees, charges and refunds guide.