Case Study

Partnership power: Jayco and mixed cohort WHS training

In meeting the training requirements of long-term client Jayco, we developed a new mixed industry cohort delivery method that is proving popular with manufacturing companies across Melbourne’s south east.




Jayco is Australia’s leading recreational vehicle manufacturer, with over 1100 employees working at their sites in Dandenong South.

Jayco has partnered with Chisholm over many years. We have provided the company with a range of training services.

The challenge

Jayco approached us to deliver a Certificate III in Workplace Health and Safety to employees from their work sites. This course covers workplace health and safety management systems and risk management, incident response, continuous improvement and more.

The Certificate III in Workplace Health and Safety is a 12-month traineeship and a FREE TAFE course. It provides the necessary training and skills for anyone in a safety role, and is compulsory for workers in construction companies that are involved in the Victorian Government’s Big Build projects.

With Jayco safety personnel working at different sites, the company wanted to minimise time off work without compromising quality training. With the first group of six from Jayco ready to go, we had to work out how to deliver a quality program while covering our costs.

The solution

We knew that real-time virtual delivery of training as a traineeship one full day per month, in work time, would meet Jayco’s needs. Then we realised it would also potentially meet the needs of other manufacturing companies in Melbourne’s south east.

So we designed a relevant and engaging pilot course that would be suitable for all manufacturing businesses. In response to industry feedback, we adapted our standard course to include additional elements that were important to industry, such as mental health first aid.

We promoted the course locally and within a short period of time we had enough interest to fill a class. Our industry participants came from a range of different manufacturing areas, but what they had in common was they all held safety roles and were keen to learn.

Industry participants met every month online for a full day of learning with a qualified and experienced trainer. They shared issues as well as best practice scenarios in their workplace, which enhanced the program and increased learnings.

The results

The pilot was a great success, with industry participants fully engaged. They increased their knowledge and skills and on completion received a nationally-recognised qualification, increasing their employability. One benefit of our mixed industry cohort approach is that the industry participants formed their own ongoing professional network, sharing experiences and best practice.

We will continue to develop and improve our course in response to regulatory changes and industry requirements, for example, addressing specific hazards and challenges in manufacturing environments, to make the training even more relevant and impactful.

For Chisholm, there is now potential to broaden delivery of this course beyond Melbourne’s south east. Our virtual courses can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing employees to participate regardless of location, reducing travel costs and time away from work.

“At Jayco, safety is our top priority. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Chisholm in enrolling several of our employees in the Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety program. By investing in their professional development, we prioritise the safety of our workforce and ensure compliance with industry standards.”
- Cristy Tessier, Training Manager

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