Training and Assessment - Richard Phillips

A qualification in Training and Assessment ensured a successful career switch for Richard.

Starting out at Chisholm as a young apprentice in Automotive Studies, Richard Phillips worked in the industry for a number of years before he returned to Chisholm as a mature age student seeking to branch out on a different career path.

"I had always loved cars and motor sports so it was a natural career choice for me. But after being in the industry for some time, I felt the need to steer my career in another direction. I knew I could leverage my technical expertise and industry experience to my advantage if I chose to train other technicians.

"I came back to Chisholm because I wanted to follow Certificate IV in Training & Assessment. But I was nervous about standing up to speak and make presentations although I knew it was an integral part of training. The teachers were understanding and soon put me at ease. When I completed my course, I was confident about training and I literally walked out of Chisholm straight into a job."

Richard works as Senior Training Specialist at Mazda Australia.

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